Fundamental British Values

At Sunflowers whilst being a centre which celebrates cultural diversity we also practice and adhere to Fundamental British Values.

What are these?


-Rule of law

-Individual Liberty

-Mutual respect and tolerance for others for those with different faiths

 is about everyone being treated equally and giving everyone equal rights. It is about self confidence and self awareness and payed close attention to PSED (personal, social and emotional development). This gives the children plenty of opportunity to make choices and decisions about what they want to explore.

Rule of Law is about understanding that rules matter and that these are in place for a reason.

It is about children learning to manage their own feelings and behaviour, learning right from wrong and about behaving within agreed and clearly defined boundaries, then dealing with the consequences (Cause and Effect).

Individual Liberty is a focus on children's self confidence, self awareness, people and communities. We help children to develop a positive sense of themselves and help them to increase their self confidence in their own abilities.

Mutual respect and tolerance is where we learn to treat others as we want to be treated. how to be part of a community, manage our feelings and behaviour and form relationships with others.